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Olivia Mellan

Olivia Mellon

  • Take the Money Personality Quiz!

    Take the Money Personality Quiz from Money Harmony! What's your money personality style? Are you a hoarder? A spender? A money monk? An avoider? An amasser? Take Olivia's and Sherry Christie's Money Personality Quiz from their newest book, Money Harmony: A Road Map for Individuals and Couples, and find out how much of each of the first 5 money types rule your actions and attitudes.

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  • Watch "In the Prime: Couples and Money with Olivia Mellan"

    Olivia has released In the Prime: Couples and Money with Olivia Mellan to the public for all to watch! It is a workshop for individuals and couples that includes money personality types, couples polarization patterns, childhood messages and childhood vows, how to debunk money myths and move toward rational decision-making, both individually and as a couple, and an interview with Deborah Potter from a PBS-TV talk show on couples and money, including discussion of merged vs. separate money.

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  • "Olivia's Secret Language of Money" available for download!

    The Secret Language of Money Olivia's Secret Language of Money - which will take you on a personal and relationship journey to achieve what she calls "Money Harmony" - is now available on the web as a digital download for only $30!

    Hear her talk you through and walk you through childhood messages and vows; money myths; what money types are you and how to reach balance; creating money dialogues; couples depolarization; and much more...

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  • Olivia's Latest from ThinkAdvisor - Women, Money and the Confidence Gap

    Women, Money and the Confidence Gap Olivia's latest content, Women, Money and the Confidence Gap, is now available online. From the article:

    In recent years, banks, brokerage firms and fund companies have pulled out all the stops to make women more confident about money. Prompted by surveys showing women's feelings of helplessness around money management, discomfort with investing and greater risk aversion, the financial industry has sprouted women's initiatives, hosted seminars and published educational brochures by the ream...


  • Olivia is selected to AdvisorOne's 2013 Top 25 Olivia was named to the Investment Advisor's 2013 Top 25, a select list of "the most influential individuals in and around the advisor business". From the article:

    "We live," Olivia Mellan told us, "in an adolescent society" marked by a short-term orientation, where people "don't plan ahead and look at the whole picture." That is where advisors can help, acting, as Mellan likes to say, as "therapeutic educators" who "walk the talk." Since they "have a peaceful lack of anxiety in talking about money," they are then able to lead their clients to apply the tools needed to achieve their goals.


  • Learn about money and relationships... Take a teleclass!


    * 101 — Money Harmony for You and for Your Clients - (for therapists, coaches, counselors, and financial professionals)
    * 102 — Men, Women and Money: Bridging the Gap - (for everyone)
    * 201 — Consultation & Supervision - (for those who have completed Teleclass 101)
    * FREE audio clips from past teleclasses

    To arrange a private teleclass for four or more participants at a convenient time for you, email Olivia

  • Passing It On - Dealing with Wealth and Inheritance

    Olivia has been leading two to three-day retreats across the country, to help parents and their adult children facilitate deepening communication between the generations. These retreats help each generation clarify their values and goals around inherited wealth and the impact they want to make on the world and on their family and friends. In addition, these events have been tremendously successful, heartwarming and fun(!) as they create a safe climate for participants to become good stewards of inherited wealth, and for the parents to communicate their emotional legacy as well as their financial one.

    Read Passing It On to find out more of Olivia's thoughts about these retreats...

    Email Olivia with any questions you may have about these retreats...


Olivia is currently the author of five critically acclaimed books, including:

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Events & Teleclasses

Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events section to see where Olivia will be speaking!

Mellan will schedule workshops in various cities as interest arises. If you are interested in setting up or organizing a workshop in your city, or you would like to book Olivia for keynotes or other speeches, contact Olivia directly.

Olivia is now offering three-session teleclasses to coaches, therapists, counselors, and financial advisors on money psychology, skills and techniques.

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