Moneyharmony Events

Moneyharmony Events

Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

There are currently no upcoming events or speaking engagements.

Past Events & Speaking Engagements

The following dates and times list when and where Olivia Mellan has spoken or held events:

Personal Financial Seminar for Professionals — University of Maryland Extension

Helping Your Clients Move toward Money Harmony in Turbulent Times
May 2011 — Annapolis, Maryland

Money Smart Investor Conference — Drake University

Money Shy to Money Sure: A Roadmap to Financial Well-Being
April 2011 — Des Moines, Iowa

Money Smart Week Kickoff Breakfast

Money Harmony in Turbulent Times
April 2011 — Des Moines, Iowa

Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

Close Encounters of the Financial Kind - A workshop for mental health professionals with Olivia Mellan, Eleanor Blayney, and Peg Downey
March 2011 — Washington D.C.

ING National Training Conference

Moving toward Money Harmony In Stressful times
January 2011 — Chandler, Arizona

Seminar for Managers & Staff — Westin La Paloma

Moving toward Money Harmony in Uncertain Times
January 2011 — Tucson, Arizona

Dept of Defense's AFCPE pre-conference for military budget counselors

Keynote: Money Harmony In Turbulent Times; and two breakout sessions: Bridging the Gap: Gender Differences and Coules Dynamics around Money
November 2010 — Denver, Colorado

FPA of Columbia, Maryland

Helping Your Clients Move toward Money Harmony in Stressful Times
November 2010 — Columbia, Maryland

The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development

Moderating a panel on Gender Differences
October 2010 — Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia

The Delaware Money School

Money Harmony for Women
October 2010 — Newark, Delaware