Testimonials — What people say about Olivia Mellan

Testimonials — What people say about Olivia Mellan

Praise for Olivia Mellan's work

"Noone settles money conflicts better than Olivia Mellan."

  • Ken and Daria Dolan
  • America's First Family of Personal Finance

Her Teleclasses, Events, Books, etc...

"I love Olivia Mellan’s groundbreaking work with money personality types and gender differences. Everyone can benefit from her powerful work."

  • T. Harv Eker
  • Author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind."

"Olivia Mellan is a unique voice helping individuals and couples master their moneylife with humor and compassion."

  • Jean Chatzky
  • Financial Editor for NBC's TODAY Show

Olivia, I've been reading your book before I go to bed or getting up earlier to have some reading time. I'm taking 'Baby Steps' and I'm inspired. I've already talked to 2 friends about an investment club. Your Step-By-Step approach is helpful, informative and encouraging. I don't feel overwhelmed. I loved the fantasy obituary, what a unique and insightful exercise. Your book will be my guide and companion as I continue my journey to feeling "Money Sure!"

  • Sheila Glazov
  • Author, What Color Is Your Brain? and Professional Speaker

Olivia's books and radio show have been a true inspiration to me. She has helped me understand my money type and how to better blend my money style with my husband's. I have gained countless insights on how to change my spending habits and specific steps I can take to improve the way I communicate with my partner around money.

I consider you a mentor and an inspiration Olivia! Thanks you for doing what you do, and sharing your words of wisdom with others. This world is a much better place because of your work and teachings...

...I really find Olivia's teleclass incredibly valuable. I found that I was able to apply the Money Harmony principles not only to my clients and in the classes I teach, but in my personal life as well. The money dialogue was especially eye-opening to me - I was able to discover the deeper emotional issues that were holding me back around money, as well as practical action steps I could take in my personal finances.

"Now that I'm the one in charge of the "safety net" of my inheritance, your book is the *only* one I have every found that really explained investing in a simple, useful, non-intimidating, non-MEGO (my eyes glaze over) way. I've recommended it to everyone I know, and will continue to do so. It's become my little lighthouse in the vast sea of Figuring Out What to Do With My Money (and whom to choose for help). Many, many thanks."

  • Joan Iaconetti
  • Self-employed writer/photographer

"Olivia Mellan's unique gift is her focus on the underlying issues involved in money conflicts so that real resolution and harmony are attainable for individuals, couples and families."

  • Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
  • Author, The Dance of Anger and The Dance of Intimacy

"I participated in the teleconferences this past October (along with a couple of therapists). I found the format (didactic, discussion and experiential) and content very useful in approaching money issues that may arise with clients. The experiential component was certainly an eye-opener (try doing a money dialogue!!) and the opportunity to interact with other professionals - planner and therapists was also very helpful. The topic of money conflicts with couples is particularly pertinent given some recent discussion with the Naz group. Highly recommended for both planners and therapists."

  • Vicki McClellan,
  • Financial Advisor

"The Money Psychology 101 workshop was both interesting and informative. It provided me with new information and research that I can use in my financial coaching services. Notably, the workshop taught me a number of exercises used to assist clients in increasing their awareness of their relationship with money and in changing maladaptive money beliefs and behaviors. Olivia is a remarkable teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm for the topics and sense of humor maintain your interest throughout the course. Her use of personal examples, exercises and group participation make the workshop extremely educational and interesting. Overall, Money Psychology 101 was very informative and I'm confident that it will help me provide a better service to my clients".

  • Emily Johnson, Ph.D
  • Florida psychologist who works with financial planning clients as part of her practice.

"Olivia Mellan successfully blends the wisdom of a psychotherapist with the understanding of a compassionate money manager."

  • James Fadiman, Ph.D.
  • Author, Unlimit Your Life

"Olivia Mellan is the best speaker today on the psychological dynamics that lead to client dysfunction around money."

  • Bob Veres
  • Publisher, Insider Information

"Thanks again for an outstanding performance at our ..National Airline Pilot Retirement Forum. The audience ranked you as their "best and favorite" speaker for the second year - Congratulations!"

  • Josephine Hernandez
  • Vice President, Marketing, Harris Bank, Chicago.

"Thank you again for speaking at our Women's Conference. The feedback about your lecture was tremendous! Your presentation was professional, informative and helpful."

  • Madeline B. Cohen, M.S.W.
  • Staff Coordinator, Women's Conference 1997.

"You were nothing short of perfection."

  • Leeza
  • After a guest expert appearance by Olivia on her TV show.

"As a neophyte planner, I very much enjoyed this course but wondered if the content would be relevant for me. I thought that the clients I had been working with did not appear to have any major conflicts around money. However, less than 3 weeks after completing the course, I started working with 2 client families who, while affluent, are having problems controlling their spending. The insights I gained through participation in this workshop have been invaluable."